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Firstly I’d like to tell you the story of our background and what has led us to this exciting new point in our own business growth and development…

I have spent all of my working life involved in technology and growing businesses. In addition to this we’ve been running our own internet marketing business for over 10 years now. In that time, we have helped a variety of small and large businesses with their growth.

Helping grow a variety of businesses naturally led us in many directions including:

  • Consultancy – All aspects of business growth
  • Traffic generation – Google AdWords, other PPC channels and SEO
  • Website design – Graphics, coding and development
  • Website conversion – Sales psychology and copy writing
  • Analytics – Tracking and data analysis
  • Training – One-to-one and group training on the above subjects
  • Inbound marketing – All aspects including email and marketing automation

We have also been on a personal life journey that has required us look deeply at ourselves to discover what is truly important to us as people and what we want out of life. Suddenly our purpose became clear so now is the point for our transformation into something more powerful than simply offering digital marketing services.

We are progressing to help more businesses!

We have built up so much knowledge in the industry, that we feel like it’s the perfect natural progression to stop sitting there just “doing” for people 1-2-1 and to share everything to help many more people achieve their goals and dreams!

The knowledge, skills, resources and partners that we have built up through many years of hard work, development, trial and error, testing and measuring to give you all of the information, systems and methods that you need to grow your business. In that process, our aim is to save you a lot of time and effort, and help you to avoid costly mistakes that have already been made by others with all of the reasons why.

This way, so many more businesses will be able to afford and access the essential resources they need to grow and thrive because all of this information will be totally free to you (where we can make commission for recommending fully tested products, systems or services) or either low cost information products created by us.

So if you have the desire and dedication to grow your business or know anyone that wants to, please share this with them, and join us on the journey to personal and business success!

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