Who we are

Business Growth Midlands – Helping businesses focus on the most effective marketing strategies

Business Growth Midlands was established in 2006 and continues to be run today by Damien and Danielle O’Dwyer. Damien is a Business Growth and Internet Marketing expert with 22 years experience in the Industry and has a technical IT and Sales background. Danielle is a multi-skilled Designer and Website Developer with a keen interest in psychology and increasing sales conversions through effective copy and design layouts. As a team Danielle and Damien possess a myriad of skills and knowledge across the spectrum of Internet Marketing and Business Growth in general.

Why should we believe you? Let me prove it to you…

I have been doing this stuff for the past 22 years, in many different roles. Firstly, I was part of a small start-up IT company, just four of us at the beginning. That grew from 120K (turnover) per year to over 10 Million, the company was called ACS Office solutions. When I left ACS because of my desire to grow past my earnings ceiling, I joined a friend to help with his Health and Safety business, to keep a long story short, that business doubled its profits in just one year. Since then I have helped companies big and small to increase their revenues.

A vast number of our calls are from people wanting an experts opinion on different ideas they’ve heard or read about

Businesses we’ve dealt with over the years, need someone they can trust to give them an honest and balanced view on what’s being put out there and what will actually work. And most businesses today can’t afford to invest in a team or even to dedicate one member of staff to spend the time and money to do all of this in-house.

Let us sift through the stack and find the gems for you!

We are here to bridge this knowledge gap and provide just the quality information, software recommendations and resources to help your business make the right choices for your marketing and ultimately your business growth and survival in this currently uncertain time in our history…

Remove the fear, achieve success and gain control over your business

Nobody can actually guarantee our future (Leaving the EU) so it is up to us – as businesses – to safeguard our economy and prospects by focusing our marketing efforts/budgets in the right places making us all stronger whatever happens around us.

So Contact Us today on 01536 483298 to see how we can help your business grow and increase your sales via the internet