Tracking Your offline Marketing efforts

The well known entrepreneur John Wanamaker once said..

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

While that was true in the 19th Century it can’t be said for the 21st, why? Allow me explain.

Before I go into the technicalities of the Internet and how you can use technology to track ALL of your marketing efforts there are a couple of fundamentals you need to be aware of.

Reason to Contact you

Whatever you say, wherever you say it and whoever you say it to, you need a clear call to action. You need to ask the prospect to do something. Without this you will, indeed be wasting, at least half, of your marketing money.

However, we humans are greedy, selfish buggers and we need to feel like we are getting something we want in return for taking that action. You may have heard the expression WIIFM or “what’s in it for me”, we need to feel value in the action we take.

All too often, I see adverts basically saying “we are great, we are better than the rest, come and buy our stuff” (of course, not literally but you know what I mean).

Give the prospect a strong reason to take the action you ask, then they are more likely to do it. You could offer…

  1. Valuable information
  2. Discounts
  3. Freebies
  4. Time or help

In essence anything the prospect will find valuable.

Make it easy to contact you

Keep it simple, if you are offering information, make it in the form of an easily downloadable PDF, don’t ask for their life story on the download form just name and email is fine.

Make sure you follow up

If someone gives you their email address in exchange for something, don’t forget to follow up. It is so easy nowadays with marketing automation software.

How to track

With a good reason to call or contact you, and an incentive to do so, tracking becomes easy. Let’s say you are offering a guide or whitepaper that the prospect just has to have. Invite the potential client to go to a particular page on your website. Hand out leaflets or get business cards with QR codes on, going to a particular web page on your website. You could even have a different QR code printed for each networking event you attend. Damiens Business card

If you have referral partners, ask them to promote your download, get some printouts done so that each referral partner gives their referees links to different pages on your site, again each is tracked but linked to that particular referral partner.

If you ask them to call a number, say from an advert you can  either have track able numbers or, in order for them to take advantage of your irresistible offer they need to ask for a particular (fictional person) so the ad says “call 01536 483298 and ask for Dimitri who is authorised to give you your discount”. When they call you can say “sorry Dimitri is not here, can I help you” but then you know the call has come from the ad that mentions Dimitri!

The key takeaway

Given a reason to call you and a resource they must have, you can always add a tracking page or link online.



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How to double your business using the Internet

How to double your business using the Internet

7 powerful video tips on how to double your business using the Internet and your website…

We all could use more business, this video gives you my best tips for doubling your business on the Internet.

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Design or Content who rules?

Design or Content who rules?

On the running debate between design and content, I have to come down on the side of content. Design is, obviously, a visual thing so people don’t take too long to make a decision. But you can only decide if it’s the right one after you’ve read the content.

I guess it’s the same as ‘looks aren’t everything’. Glossy sporty cars may look great but they’re not much cop with a 1200cc engine. People, both male and female, are frequently judged by how they look and the ‘gloss’ often takes precedence over personal values.

Yes, you need good design to attract people to your website. But it’s the content that will encourage them to stay – and return. The fact is, you need both if your website is going to work ie attract healthy traffic and generate leads and sales for your business. But, if forced to opt for one or the other, I would opt for content.

I have to disagree with the statement that design relieves anxiety. My one concession to this is that the design is not off-putting. I always want to read what’s what. As I’m not a designer, I don’t know if a strapline would tell me I was in the right place – or even in the wrong place. Prominent calls to action would, in fact, make me leave. I want to be the one to decide and heavy persuasion would make me decide, but my decision would be to leave.

Perhaps good design would work well on a landing page. But, at this point, the decision has been made and you just want to be clear about what to do next. Third party endorsements, accreditations and testimonials only help reduce anxiety if they are relevant and believable. Many aren’t…

Compelling content engages people and persuades them to buy your goods or services, to return and to recommend you to their friends. But only when your business is supported with great products and great service…

And then customer satisfaction and good customer service will earn you recommendations and bring lots of visitors. And the search engines will reward you with a higher page ranking and more traffic.

Great content keeps your visitors and the search engines content. Does design do that?

Thanks to Heather Haggis for this, a great copywriter and friend!