You do NOT have a problem with Sales & Marketing, you have a problem with Systems

Let me prove it to you…

I know this is a bold, broad brush statement but let me share with you a typical example of where a business is stuck at the pre 6 figure stage.

Reached a plateau?

In this story my imaginary friend Josh, who runs a cleaning business, is frustrated. He is frustrated because he has reached a plateau.

Lack of time?

You see Josh is so busy running the business that he does not have time to take care of his marketing.

Fed up?

Josh, like many other business owners, has tried SEO and local SEO and yes he is now on page one of Google and Bing for his target, local keywords. A small number of enquiries come through his website but the majority of it is marketing companies trying to sell to him, he’s fed up!

Let me show you a better way to achieve Business Growth…

Myself and Josh went for an imaginary pint and I asked one question.

“If you could personally meet every single visitor (who was ready to use your services) coming to your website, would you still have a growth issue?”

His answer was, of course, “NO!”

So I asked another.

“If we could automate your website, every possible prospect touchpoint taken care of – all follow ups, nurturing, segmenting and customer care – as if you were speaking to them personally do you think that would work?”

“WOW Yeah definitely!”

Josh could not believe that this was possible, so I showed him how

Would you like me to show you how? If so, I have created a guide to run you through, start to finish, how marketing automation can help small businesses grow.

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