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Use keywords in context

Whether your audience is human or technological, keywords must be used in the proper context. And, if content is King, context is Queen. Both combine to provide the ‘user experience’ and the user experience is what, at the end of the day, decides whether your business is a soaring success or a faltering failure.

Get your content found

‘Findability’ may not be in the dictionary yet. But it should be. It’s a crucial component of your success (or otherwise) on the Internet. If you can’t be found, you can’t make money. And, if you don’t make money, your business will flop with a resounding ‘kkkkkeerrrrrrflump’.

There are 3 main ways people find what they’re looking for online:

  1. they browse using various adaptations of related terminology;
  2. they ask whether it’s Google or fellow users; and
  3. they search – in both structured and unstructured ways

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays its part.

Website content must be formatted, labelled, organised and connected to make it easy for both humans and technological tools to find what they’re looking for. It’s important to remember one thing: users are the ones with the money.

If a search takes too long, they’re likely to abandon it and go elsewhere.

That’s why it’s so important to get your site set up to meet your visitors’ needs.

Good SEO contributes to a positive user experience.

Visitors may be blissfully unaware of the concept of SEO but they will be VERY aware of time passing.

SEO is more valuable than many people might realize. Good SEO is imperative!

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SEO link building how to …

SEO link building how to

How to build links, pure, clean, safe SEO

We all know how difficult it can be to build links to your website but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t get me wrong, to do it the right way, the way that won’t get you slapped in the face by the search engines, takes time and effort.

In my travels I have come across a few guides that promote methods not frowned upon, by the search engines.

Here is a short list of SEO Link Building techniques and my opinions…


The experts resource for all things SEO. Although they offer premium membership their is loads of free stuff and a great guide to SEO that will set you on the right track.

Shane Parkins

This guide prompted me to write this post, I was going to do a guide myself but Shane covers more here than I would have done!


Look, as I have said, SEO can take a lot of time and effort. I always say you are in two states in business, you either have the time or you have the money!

If you are busy working for your clients, fulfilling orders or providing services, you can afford to pay someone to do SEO for you. However, if you need to generate business, do your SEO yourself, you have the time and not the money!


September 2012

I don’t do SEO for clients, I advise clients how to do it themselves, in fact if you read Shane’s guide and follow SEOMOZ, you are actually best placed to DIY. Why, well who knows your business better than you, you can become an authority in your own right as long as you really are expert in what you do!

We never used to offer SEO link building services because we could not compete on price with those using automated systems. We have always believed that quality suffers when using such systems and have never gone down that route. Since the Penguin / Panda updates, we DO now offer link building services because the emphasis is now on quality over quantity – which is where we excel! 🙂

If you are interested in finding out more about SEO and link building, please call Damien on
01536 483298 or 07962 308118

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If you don’t do this your Google Rankings will suffer!

If you don’t do this your Google Rankings will suffer!!

Will Google +1 have an impact on your SEO?

What’s the Impact of Google +1 on your website’s Search Engine Optimisation? If you haven’t got the Google +1 facility set up on your website, then you can’t get any +1 scores!

So what is Google +1?

Google +1 is the new rating system for website relevancy

It works by real people (your website browsers) recommending the websites they visit, by clicking on the Google +1 button. This method of rating sites is very similar to when you ‘Like’ something on Facebook.

For more information, please follow this link to see Google’s explanation of using the +1 on websites

Soon people will consider these +1 scores when they make their buying decisions

If you do not have a method for people to score your website yet, then you will always have a Google +1 rating of 0!!!

Make sure your Google Rankings do not suffer by calling us on 01536 483298 or 07962 308118 to implement Google +1 on your website

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